An Overview of the Practice at Buchanan & Associates

From offices in Boston, attorney Jamy Buchanan Madeja brings extensive experience and knowledge of environmental permitting and land use planning to a broad range of clients across Massachusetts. Attorney Madeja's clients range from mid-sized corporations and trade associations to small neighborhood groups and municipal departments. A former General Counsel to the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, as appointed by Governor William F. Weld, Ms. Madeja has considerable experience managing legal, enforcement and regulatory affairs involving such environmental issues as wetlands, Chapter 91 issues and waterfront licensing. In her role as general counsel, she was responsible for five state environmental agencies. She uses the knowledge and skills gained during her tenure with the state to provide prompt and cost-effective results to for-profit and not-for profit entities.

Environmental Law and Permitting: Enforcement Proceedings

Buchanan & Associates advises clients on all matters related to permitting and land use planning, including waterfront development, wetlands management, and actions under the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA). The firm handles Chapter 91 licensing matters, Municipal Harbor Plan concerns, and issues involving Designated Port Areas.

Ocean Management and Land Use Planning: Local Zoning Matters

The firm works with marina owners, boatyards, recreational boating businesses and others who have an interest in water-dependent uses, offering a broad range of services, including counsel regarding:

  • Licensing and permitting
  • Wetlands Protection Act approvals
  • Compliance with, and opinions regarding, environmental and zoning regulations
  • Contract negotiation, review and preparation

See the firm's page on ocean management for additional information.

Government Relations

Attorney Madeja works with a broad range of clients who need help working with the legislature and state agencies regarding environmental issues. She is a registered lobbyist in Massachusetts and regularly testifies before the Massachusetts legislature. She represents for profit and non-profit AND government entities in securing permits, policy changes, or government funding. For more information, see the firm's page on government relations.

To learn more about the range of services the firm provides, please view the page on additional client matters.

For information about the firm's rates and billing, go to the rates and billing page.