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Environmental Permitting, Land Use Planning, Ocean Management

The law firm of Buchanan & Associates focuses its practice on environmental and land use planning matters, including the latest in ocean management issues. Attorney Jamy Buchanan Madeja owns Buchanan & Associates and is the primary counsel. She often works with clients in matters that can only be resolved with the participation of government agencies or entities. Buchanan & Associates often hires other lawyers, experts, engineers and specialists on a case-by-case, as needed basis to assure the most cost-effective specialized assistance for our clients.

Attorney Jamy Buchanan Madeja brings extensive experience to clients involved in environmental and land use matters. Before establishing her own practice in 1995, she served the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as General Counsel of the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, where she managed all the legal, enforcement and regulatory affairs of five separate state agencies. A registered lobbyist in Massachusetts, she regularly testifies before state legislative bodies.

The firm represents a wide range of clients, from small neighborhood organizations to private corporations involved in waterfront development, from environmental advocacy groups and trade associations to municipal entities. The firm's clients include for-profit and not-for profit organizations.

The firm's practice includes:

  • Licensing and permitting issues - Buchanan & Associates handles all types of environmental permitting issues, including waterfront development and permitting, Chapter 91 licensing and permitting. Municipal Harbor Plans, Designated Port Areas, and MEPA issues.
  • Ocean management and land use planning - The firm represents organizations and entities with vested interests in ocean management, including marinas, boatyards and recreational boating businesses, as well as advocacy groups seeking to protect public waterways from private development.
  • Government relations - Attorney Madeja advises clients who need to work directly with a government agency or entity, helping them effectively present their concerns and get the results they seek.
  • Environmental advocacy - The firm provides strong representation in a broad range of environmental matters, including enforcement of existing environmental laws and regulations, as well as matters involving the protection of environmental rights.


Attorney Madeja also advises clients who seek to restructure state housing financing. To learn more about the range of services the firm provides, please view our page on additional client matters.

To learn more about the firm's billing policies, see the page on rates and billing.